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Drone shot of sunset in the Saint Anna Archipelago with lots of islands visible.
Join the Team

We’re gonna open with a tired cliché – Do the North is like a family. What can we say, we’re really proud of our crew! Each and everyone are simultaneously resilient overachievers, soulful compadres, spontaneous adventurers, light-hearted jokers.

Cooking with Trangia stove during kayaking adventure in the Saint Anna Archipelago.
Girl enjoying a very chill position in her kayak, feet out into the water.

The front

Everything we do is underlined by meticulous planning and execution. And then we add a bunch of Do the North flair to it! It’s all about the guests. Who they are. What they want. What they don’t even know that they want.

  • How can you possible know all that in an afternoon? You can’t! All our tours are minimum 4 days, usually longer.
  • Everyone wants to have fun. Not as in, you obviously tell this joke on all your tours. Genuine connection. Throw away the polished guide persona and just be yourself, quirks and all.
  • Everyone wants to bond, with you and each other. You're the spark and the sticky-tack making it all come together.
  • Everyone wants to feel special. We very deliberately make our tours super flexible. No two trips are the same—you and the group have lots of freedom to make it into whatever your paddles (or skis) desire.
  • You’re part of the group. Your professionalism is ever present and you nudge things along. But these aren’t catered affairs, everyone helps out and you’re on this adventure together.
  • Camaraderie. The simple joys of being together in nature. Feeling like a true explorer. That’s what we wanna serve up on a platter to our guests!

The back

Actually, we can’t make it all about the guests if we don’t also make it all about the team. Gonna go a bit literary here, Hemingway and the iceberg theory. Our guests only see what’s above water, they don’t see the ginormous bulk that’s happening behind the scenes.

  • It’s hard work what we do, no two ways about it. Physically and mentally. Having tonnes of fun together, on and off work, and becoming real friends is a no brainer for us. It makes everything easier, and everyone's experience into something so much grander than a job.
  • To be an engaging, spontaneous, fun-loving guide, you gotta feel relaxed. A big part of that is trusting the work that’s been done before you take over. And trusting that if you run into an issue, you have a whole team behind you.
  • Lots of high quality gear means lots of high quality maintenance (fancy word for cleaning and testing). It’s gotta be meticulous and it’s gotta be fast. What in all honesty are quite tedious tasks can also be a nice break from the overtly social roles we normally have, just working side by side our crew mates whom we know well.
  • Our logistics are an intricate puzzle with many moving parts, some completely out of our control. Things can, and do, go wrong from time to time. A crew who is dedicated not just to their job, but to each other, make the best problem solving team!
  • In short, we’re all in the trenches (and live) together. With all the delightful bonds that come with it.
The Do the North crew lined up in front of one of our vans, trying to look cool.
Do the North guide with a Swedish quite flavour-less beer in his hand.

Available Positions

Kayaking Guide / Instructor, Summer 2025

Aspiring Kayaking Guide, Summer 2025

Driver/Maintenance, Summer 2025

Nordic Skiing Guide, Winter 2025

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