OUR Story

The Story Behind
Do the North

Cheesy as it may sound, we like to say that we make people happy for a living. We’ve been at it for a looong time. Ever since the very beginning in 2004, our idea was to capture the amazing freedom of adventuring in the Swedish outdoors. And making it easy. Making it comfy. Making it fun.


Doing it our way

We approach what we do a bit differently perhaps. Instead of crafting tours that are easy to sell and easy to run, we don’t compromise. We make our tours the very best they can be, period. We know better than you, pretty much 😉. Ok, that’s way too cocky of a statement, please take our light-hearted bravado with a boulder of salt. However, there are a few things we confidently claim to know well:

  • Camaraderie, the simple joys of being together in nature, and feeling like a true explorer. Serving those up on a platter, is what it's all about.
  • Flexibility is everything if you wanna get into that lovely free mindset of the wild, so we’ve adapted all our logistics and tours to that.
  • There's a tempo to enjoying nature, and that sure ain't rushed. You’ll get way more out of your experience with a longer trip, we actually don’t offer short ones.
  • Gear. Gear. Gear. Only the best will do for a smooth and comfy adventure.
  • If we have fun, you have fun. Technical knowledge ain’t enough, not even close. We round up crew members who are open-minded, humble, and love a good time.

The tale of Do the North

So how did it all begin? We, the founders of Do the North – Thomas and Helena, decided at the ripe age of 23,  to turn a particularly awesome kayaking trip with our international mates into a business. We were two cockeyed optimists who had travelled the world together, and we've now been friends forever and a day.

Everyone who participated in that trip, the one that was the roots of it all, had been fortunate to visit many places with spectacular scenery. So why was a seemingly simple experience, in a location that doesn’t attract hordes of tourists, the best one? The special ingredient wasn’t just stunning nature – it was freedom! The freedom to paddle wherever you like, camp wherever you like, enjoy time with your mates with no distractions. Feeling like actual explorers, figuring it all out together.

That freedom and the simple joys of just being together in nature are still at the very core of everything we do. We've simply gotten way better at delivering it! The Do the North is in the details, you see. Over the years, we have improved every single aspect of our tours as much as we possibly can. For many years, it was all about self-guided kayaking adventures. Then we ventured into a whole array of guided trips as well, some with a pretty unique twist.

These days, we're "bi-locational". Summer in the Saint Anna Archipelago. Winter in the remote forests and fells of Northern Dalarna. Expanding to Nordic skiing adventures was many years in the making, and finally in 2020, we were ready! We run weeklong tours throughout the whole winter season, and our guests who complete the winter adventure have the opportunity to come along for our Level 2 and Level 3 camping expeditions on skis.