Grant for Sustainable Transformation

We have received a grant from the European Regional Development Fund for two projects for developing our sustainable tourism business.


Visual identity and digital restructuring

The project consists of adapting our identity, strategy, and sales channels to our venture into sustainable winter tourism. Do the North has for 18 years offered different kinds of kayaking tours in the Saint Anna archipelago to mostly foreign tourists. Our brand, marketing strategy, visual identity, and website structure & content are presently designed with only kayaking tours in mind. Since we have now expanded to ski touring and eventually also Nordic skating trips in other parts of Sweden, it is necessary to reevaluate and redesign these aspects of our business so that we can develop our company and brand towards offering new types of outdoor experiences. At this stage, it is about our winter tours. But in the longer term, we are laying the groundwork to offer a wide variety of sustainable tours under the Do the North “umbrella”, both our own products and different types of collaborations.

Project scope

  • Communication plan (business intelligence, target audience, tone, channels)
  • Visual identity/ graphic profile manual
  • Copywriting (revising existing texts, new brand reinforcing texts, texts for new products)
  • Producing new photo material
  • Developing website, our primary sales and booking tool
  • Digital marketing plan
  • Developing profile and marketing material, both printed and digital

Development of existing booking and logistics system

The project involves developing our existing software application for bookings and logistics. We have reached a position as a company with many different trips and an increased customer load, which puts new demands on our software, administration, and analytics. We need to make our administrative workload more efficient, as well as secure for potential errors and mistakes, especially during the peak season when work workload is already too high. The project also leads to independent software that requires minimal or no continuous involvement by the software developer, and finalised for handover. This decreases the risk of being dependent on one specific consultant. Further, new tools are developed for customer data analysis, in order to draw conclusions for future marketing efforts and growth.

Project scope

  • New functionality for a wide variety of booking, planning, and logistics-related tasks
  • New functionality for independent software.
  • Restructure of code, documentation, and transfer of accounts for software handover.
  • Analysis of previous customer data, new tools for collecting customer data and visualisations.
  • GDPR procedures and documentation