Made it to Marö Kupa

The look-out point you can climb up and see the geological wonders of Saint Anna.

It happened on the fly! We were out enjoying fika in the sun on our day off when we arrived back at the base to find Thomas packing for a kayaking trip. Turns out the man-with-a-plan had to decided today was day we were going to find an island for the festival we are co-hosting in September, with a little detour to Marö Kupa.


The lookout in the north

Once heading out, we paddled north towards Aspöja but decided to make camp just before. We found a lush island with smooth rocks just slightly higher than sea level and a back dropped forest. It was divine. Ooooh, I forgot to mention, on our paddle out we passed a group we sent out earlier that day and popped by to say hello (it’s fun seeing where you guys end up and how you like to camp :D).

We had a cool evening under the stars, with minimal but exciting chat about the destination in the morning - Aspöja with a pit-stop to Marö Kupa.

Marö Kupa is located east of the most northern tip of Aspöja on a different island called Marö. This look-out point has been there since the 1700s and sits 20 meters above sea level. With endless hand and footholds, it’s a breeze to climb up and be amazed by the rock wonders of Saint Anna. With a more detailed post about Aspöja, to come in the future weeks, I would highly consider it a trip worth making.

It was quite obvious when doing this journey, to spot differences between the two archipelagos. Saint Anna has a very raw but polished aesthetic, in the sense that the islands are often small, sometimes baren, and beautifully sculpted. I kept imagining we were in a dinosaur cemetery, where many moons ago when the dinosaurs left us they came to the archipelago to rest. Since then the Earth has hardened their bodies into the rock formations of Saint Anna. Possibly it’s just my overactive imagination, but do let me know what you think when you next visit.