Reintroducing ...

For those of you who don’t know me I’m Helena, co-founder of Do the North all those years ago when me and Thomas, brimming with cockeyed optimism, threw ourselves at this.


She's back!

We travelled the world together, we made reality of an impossible dream together, and we’ve now spent more than half our lives as great friends. I’m so proud of what Thomas and his awesome team have accomplished while I’ve been gone, and I’m oh so excited to re-join the fold of making people happy for a living!

Where I been then? I moved to New Orleans and opened a restaurant. Captain Hindsight weighs in on the subject: “Running a restaurant in a super competitive city alone with a toddler. Was your intent to torture yourself slowly for years while giving up everything you hold dear, coz if not…”. Luckily my business partner is game, so what’s indeed a great brunch restaurant if you ever go to New Orleans, will continue to prosper. Me - I’m taking off to a land far far away where the water glitters against the clear blue sky, where the Sea Eagles cry on a pine tree high, and the Folkol flows freely in the bright summer night.

Oh wait. That’s not til June. In the meantime, we got big things going on, we’re talking big BIG things. If Trump era eloquence doesn’t suffice we’re happy to elaborate:

We’re revamping our website with simplified bookings, tonnes of new pics, and a crisper, better flow.

I am your new connection for any enquiries, I’m gonna do my best to assist with anything you throw my way.

Long overdue, we’ll be offering guided tours in addition to our traditional self-guided trips. Ever since we first started out, we’ve been getting lots of emails from gung-ho solo travellers, and we’ve had to bum them out every time. Upcoming season it will be possible for anyone who wish to experience Saint Anna to join a guided tour. Our seasoned knowledgeable guide will take you on an exciting route to places that are hard to find on your own - it’s the ultimate way to explore that much more of Saint Anna & Gryt. Start out as strangers, finish up a well-oiled team and new friends.

To boot, we’re also offering a very unique Culinary tour. There are two tours in September 2018 and yours truly is the guide! It is sure to be a very delicious and interesting journey deep into the history and culture of the archipelago through food. We’ll use ingredients available to locals, both past and present, learn old cooking techniques, and forage wild plants, berries and mushrooms. I’m super excited to lead these tours. In my mind: Wild cooking is cooking at its very best!! There’s something so special about sharing a meal around the fire, just thinking about it, it evokes all kinds of memories of tastes and smells and feels…

Stay tuned! I’ll be cooking up all kinds of over-the-top wild dishes on the fire-pit in my backyard in New Orleans all winter-long.