The Culinary Adventure
The whole culinary crew sat down at a lashed table in the wild.

The Culinary Adventure

Season length

June & September

Trip duration

4 days

Number of guests and guides on trip

8 guests + 2 guides

Fitness level for this adventure


18+ yrs

Price tag for holiday

15,600 SEK

Indulgence and nature are a delightful pairing

We do it up goooood on this tour. A bit of kayaking, a bit of foraging, and tonnes of cooking, eating and merriment. It’s over-the-top dishes, all on an open fire. Swedish cuisine with a twist, using lots of local and wild ingredients.

Can you dine this fine in the wild?

Your wilderness chef will lead the way, but we’re doing it all together. Forget about awkwardly crouching positions to cook, we wanna be comfy! We have lashed together a big table where we prep and then sit down to a candle-lit dinner.

When we say local, we really mean it!

We go for foraging day trips in our kayaks. The archipelago is a myriad of habitats, all offering up different wild ingredients. We use our harvest along with local ingredients. As in from farms, hunters and fishermen on islands just a few kilometers away.


Youths: –1,000 SEK

Deposit: 1,000 SEK at the time of booking

* Pay in full before March 31st

** 7 people or more

10'% Early-bird discount for settling up full balance before March 31st.10% group discount for 7 persons or more

Deposit: 1,000 SEK at the time of booking

What you'll get:
A complete package from start to finish

This tour is about pure pleasure. We camp on one of the loveliest islands in the archipelago during the whole trip, and our days go by at a laid-back tempo.

4 days of kayaking, wild camping, foraging and cooking

Kayaking guide and wilderness chef

Breakfast, lunch and dinners in the wild

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

Top quality gear

Comfort package – air mattress, pillow and chair

Return transfer Norrköping–Saint Anna

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