Wildlife Safari
Girl in kayak scouting for eagles on a wildlife safari trip

Wildlife Safari

Season length


Trip duration

5 days

Number of guests and guides on trip

8 guests + 2 guides

Fitness level for this adventure

Beginners welcome


18+ yrs, able to swim

Price tag for holiday

12,600 SEK

Our winged and blubbery friends.

We glide quietly through a long band of rocky islets close to the open sea. It’s early summer, breeding is in full swing and the area is teeming with interesting birdlife. Hopefully we also get to spot Grey seals and their cubs sunbathing on the barren rocks, or bobbing their heads above the water while hunting for fish.

A bonafide wildlife guide will lead the way.

This is a collab with Marcus from Wild Sweden. He's an expert at getting close without disturbing, and a role model for observing animals in their natural habitat and wildlife conservation. It's all about feeling truly connected with nature, and meanwhile learning about the importance of biodiversity and a healthy ecosystem.

Crazy good binoculars, spotting scopes and a healthy dose of luck.

We venture into parts of the archipelago where few humans ever go. There are never any guarantees when spotting wildlife, but our chances to see some of the rarer species are as good as they’re gonna get!


Youths: –1,000 SEK

Deposit: 1,000 SEK at the time of booking

* Pay in full before March 31st

** 7 people or more

10'% Early-bird discount for settling up full balance before March 31st.10% group discount for 7 persons or more

Deposit: 1,000 SEK at the time of booking

What you'll get:
A complete package from start to finish

5 days of kayaking, camping and wildlife spotting

Wildlife guide Marcus Eldh and kayaking guide

Top quality gear

Binoculars, spotting scope and bird watcher’s guide

Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinners

Comfort upgrade – air mattress, pillow and chair

Return transfer Norrköping–Saint Anna

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