Women’s Wilderness Adventure
Swedish girl paddling in sunset when the moon is up

Women’s Wilderness Adventure

Season length

July & August

Trip duration

5 days

Number of guests and guides on trip

8 guests + 2 guides

Fitness level for this adventure

Beginners welcome


18+ yrs, able to swim

Price tag for holiday

12,100 SEK

A stepping stone to inspiration that reaches far and wide.

We’re off on a mind-opening kayaking journey filled to the brim with passion, know-how and gumption to make the outdoors a bigger part of our lives!

Fun. Deep. Highs. Lows.

It’s all about enjoying the outdoors and learning new skills in an inclusive and safe zone where we can all just be ourselves and share our story. Bonding together, laughing together, doing the wild, together.

Work up the courage to actually go for it!

Maybe it’s an adventure you’ve always wanted to do. Or you simply wish to find ways to spend more time in nature. Special guest guide Linda Staaf is your encouraging rock for sharing experiences and exporing paths to make it happen.


Youths: –1,000 SEK

Deposit: 1,000 SEK at the time of booking

* Pay in full before March 31st

** 7 people or more

10'% Early-bird discount for settling up full balance before March 31st.10% group discount for 7 persons or more

Deposit: 1,000 SEK at the time of booking

What you'll get:
A complete package from start to finish

This inspirational adventure is led by special guest guide Linda Staaf. She and her assistant guide will teach all the tricks in their bags for kayaking and camping in the wild, along with sharing a fun and super interesting take on the outdoors as a lifestyle.

5 days of kayaking and wild camping

Learn from experienced and fun kayaking guides

Top quality gear

Comfort upgrade – air mattress, pillow and chair

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

Return transfer Norrköping–Saint Anna

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All you need to know, and then some

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