Flavours of the Archipelago
Assorted pickled vegetables that we make during our Flavours of the Archipelago tour.

Flavours of the Archipelago

Season length


Trip duration

4 days

Number of guests and guides on trip

8 guests + 2 guides

Fitness level for this adventure

Beginners welcome


18+ yrs, able to swim

Price tag for holiday

14,100 SEK

A jiving duo: Vacay the indulgent and active way

Let’s do it all! Lots of kayaking, cooking up over-the-top meals on a Murikka, and dining at the best local eateries. It’s all about savoring the scenery and the flavors of the archipelago by kayak.

Island bounties in each and every bite

On our culinary quest we paddle through some of the most beautiful areas of Saint Anna, do a little foraging on the way, and prepare delicious dishes together using wild and local ingredients.

Archipelago culture served right up

Nestled among the islands, we find three small family-run restaurants. We enjoy a farm-to-table lunch at idyllic Aspöja, a dinner and wood-fired hot tub experience at our beloved sea dog Mats’ rustic pub, and lunch by the beautiful historic grain storage at the Uvmarö marina.


Youths: –1,000 SEK

Deposit: 1,000 SEK at the time of booking

* Pay in full before March 31st

** 7 people or more

10'% Early-bird discount for settling up full balance before March 31st.10% group discount for 7 persons or more

Deposit: 1,000 SEK at the time of booking

What you'll get:
A complete package from start to finish

Delight in everything amazing in the archipelago. We stay in a lovely spot for two nights, and then pack up our camp and paddle south towards Mats’ rustic pub on Missjö for our last evening.

4 days of kayaking and wild camping

Learn from experienced and fun guides

Top quality gear

Comfort pack – air mattress, pillow and chair

Breakfast, lunch, dinners in the wild

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

3-course dinner at Mats’ rustic pub

Lunches at Aspöja café and Uvmarö Restaurant

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