Guided Kayak Adventure
Girl sitting on the rocks eating dinner in the Saint Anna Archipelago.

Guided Kayak Adventure

Season length


Trip duration

5 days

Number of guests and guides on trip

8 guests + 2 guides

Fitness level for this adventure

Beginners welcome


18+ yrs, able to swim

Price tag for holiday

12,100 SEK

This ain’t a catered affair, we’re in it together!

We’re a group of friends (who happen to not know each other yet) off on an adventure that’s uniquely our own. We decide where to go and what to do as a team. We help each other out. We experience nature and all it will throw at us as a fun li'l community.

Soon we’re a well-oiled crew of explorers.

We learn as we go along. Zig-zagging our way through the maze of islands, spotting wildlife, setting up camp. Perhaps we go for an evening paddle into the sunset, finding our way back by headlight. Perhaps we just chill on the smooth rocks – cracking beers, jokes and smiles as darkness falls.

Your guides. So many things in one neoprene shoed package.

You been holding out for a hero? Nah, too much machismo. That’s not at all what we’re going for. Howabout your rock when you feel unsure? Santa’s little helper who makes everything flow. Relaxed and fun-loving, yet unflappable and reassuringly in the know.


Youths: –1,000 SEK

Deposit: 1,000 SEK at the time of booking

* Pay in full before March 31st

** 7 people or more

10'% Early-bird discount for settling up full balance before March 31st.10% group discount for 7 persons or more

Deposit: 1,000 SEK at the time of booking

What you'll get:
A complete package from start to finish

We cover a vast area on this tour with lots of exciting outer archipelago paddling and visits to historic and cultural highlights. We adapt the route to weather conditions and the group’s preferences.

5 days of kayaking and wild camping

Learn from experienced and fun kayaking guides

Top quality gear

Comfort upgrade – air mattress, pillow and chair

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

Return transfer Norrköping–Saint Anna

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All you need to know, and then some

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